Wills & Power Of Attorney

It is extremely important that everyone has a valid will and power of attorney, and creating a legal binding will and power of attorney at our office is less expensive then you may realize. Without a valid will, assets are passed to beneficiaries according to statutory guidelines, which may or may not reflect your wishes. Also, without a will, the court would need to approve who acts as your executor, and who looks after your minor children, if any. These issues can be easily addressed by creating a will.

For a couple, we charge $675.00 to create wills and powers of attorney. For individuals, the fees are $425.00 for both your will and power of attorney. At our office, we encourage and reward client loyalty, so if you are an existing client, or have retained us to complete an upcoming purchase or sale, these fees will be discounted for you.

We invite you to download and review our questionnaire prior to your first appointment. We would be pleased to discuss the questionnaire with you personally at your convenience.

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