Real Estate Law

Our firm was among the first in the Greater Toronto Area to offer ‘all inclusive’ packages for home purchases and sales.

All-inclusive Pricing for Purchases and Sales:

$850.00 for a sale transaction, plus HST*;

$1,250.00 for a purchase transaction, plus HST*;

The above prices INCLUDE all disbursements. The only other additional charges for a purchase transaction will be the Land Transfer Tax (based on purchase price) and the registration of the deed and the mortgage ($150.54). If you are a first-time home buyer, you will be entitled to a rebate on the Land Transfer Tax payable

Upon receipt of your agreement of purchase and sale, we will provide you with a very detailed letter explaining everything required prior to closing. We aim to make your transaction as seamless as possible.

Pricing for Mortgage Refinancing:

$795.00 plus disbusements, plus HST


(Real Estate Fees and disbursements quoted above are for residential purchases under $500,000. If you are buying outside Toronto, Ontario Land Transfer taxes will apply. If you are buying inside Toronto, Toronto’s Municipal Land Transfer Tax AND Ontario Land Transfer taxes will apply. If you are arranging a mortgage, your mortgage company may charge broker fees, Tax on CMHC Fees, charges to deliver mortgage documents, etc. Prices quoted are for standard transaction with one mortgage to be arranged or discharged. Transactions requiring additional registrations or multiple mortgage discharges may result in additional fees or disbursements. Optional digital storage fee in addition to prices quoted – Feel free to contact us for details or more information. Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to decline retainers)