Please complete this information sheet Or click to download the form in PDF format, so that we may complete your Articles of Incorporation for you:

Contact Name

Contact Email Address

Up to three choices, in order of priority, for the company name. Note that the name needs to be in the format like "Joe's Dogwalking Ltd.". Instead of Ltd., you can use Corp. or Inc., or the words spelled out in full: Limited, Corporation, or Incorporated.




OR if you wish a number name (for example 1234567 Ontario Ltd.), simply check the box below:

Yes, I would like a number name

The full names (first name, middle name, last name), home address, office address (if any), and phone numbers, for each person who will be a director in the company, together with the minimum and maximum number of directors. (for example: minimum 1, maximum 10)

Director's Full Name:

Director's Home Address:

Director's Office Address:

Phone Numbers:



Number of Directors:



The full names and home address of each person who will be an officer in the company. We recommend that one person be appointed as the president of the company, and you may wish to name other people to other offices in the company (such as vice president, secretary-treasurer, CEO, CFO, and so on).

Officer Type:

Officer's Full Name:

Officer's Address:

Phone Numbers:



The full names and home address of each person who will be a shareholder in the company and, if there's more than one shareholder, the number or proportion of shares that each person will have, along with the issue price per share (such as $0.01 per share).

Shareholder's Full Name:

Shareholder's Home Address:

# of shares:

Issue Price:

Is there an unlimited number of shares of one class (standard) OR is there a limited number of shares, with different classes of shares, (for example, Class A shares, Class B Shares, Class C shares)

Is this a non-offering corporation, meaning that shares to the public are prohibited?

The street address (and, if different, mailing address) for the location of the company's registered office.

The address where you would like us to send the corporate records binder once the incorporation is done.

Once we have your information, we will schedule an appointment time to meet with you, and file your articles of incorporation, and will further report to you on the incorporation in due course.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mark Woitzik at 905-668- 4486. Thank You .